AUGUSTAS SERAPINAS – Śniegowe bałwany z Sopotu / Snowman from Sopot

Serapinas’ objects will be created on the basis of snowmen built in Sopot by the residents. The artist will make their forms using the dry casting method, and then create a cast using ecological concrete. The implementation of the project is possible only when snow appears in Sopot.

Dokumentacja projektu archiwalnego, Augustas Serapinas, fot. Augustas Serapinas, dzięki uprzejmości artysty.

The inspiration for the project was the personal experience of the artist, who in 2019 experienced a snowless winter in Riga for the first time, which made him reflect on the reasons for this situation.

Technique: binder system (efc), aggregative, water, ground blast furnace slag, fly ash

Suggested dimensions: height about 180 cm