Andrius Labašauskas


2014 2014 Apple design award for the best application (Pixelmator TEAM)
2018 Winner of National Lukiskes square memorial competition, Vilnius, Lithuania
2019 IInd place Kuriu Vilniu ‘’Patilte’’
2021 Ist place at Kuriu Vilniu ‘’Fungi’’

The Landsort Deep

The Landsort Deep is the deepest part of the Baltic Sea and it is located at the western part of the Gotland basin, between the southeast coast of Sweden and the island of Gotland. The oceans and seas are the most vulnerable ecosystems to anthropogenic impacts, where heavy metals and other pollutants affect the viability of marine species. According to scientific data The Landsort deep is one of the most poluted areas of the Balstic basin.

There is no answer to how to stop or even to slow down the process of extreme extincion of living species connected to global climate change. Labasauskas want to make as minimalistic sculptural objects as possible, using raw, old known materials and primitive techniques of work as less harmful to environment.

During the dark hours of the day the sculpture is lighted using smart illumination system. If the temperature of the day exceeds the annual average of the region sculpture is lighted in the red spectrum. If the temperature drops below average recorded in the area the color of light changes into blue spectrum indicating the day to day changes of the climate. If the temperature of the day matches yearly recorded medium the light remains regular white.

The white marble is to remind of melting ice locked in stone and sunk into the grass as an artifact and a kind of monument to endangered glaciers.