Kaarina Kaikkonen – Fala niosąca / Carrying wave

It is a huge leaf of a willow tree. Its movement resembles waves of sea and water. This big leaf, like a wave, seems to flow through a jacket of a child, carrying it. The artist would like to make a stone path around the artwork so people can walk around it and have different points of view. The sculpture surrounded by benches could become a meeting point where people can encounter each other. It could change the way how people perceive public space. It could also help them experience contemporary art more closely, and create a potential scene for discussions and interpretations of contemporary art.

The willow tree is often seen as a survivor and a symbol of vitality, adaptability and rebirth. It bends to withstand strong winds and adverse weather – but doesn’t break. It is also seen as symbolic of humans’ capability to withstand hardship, loss, and difficult emotions. The weeping willow is associated with grief and mourning, and remembrance of that which has been lost forever. It makes us think about Mother Nature and our responsibility towards it.

Technique: stainless steel, aluminum, granite

Suggested dimensions: object: length: 5.96 m, width: 1.69 m, height: 1.2 m; pedestal: length: 6.8 m, width: 2.8 m