ĒRIKS BOŽIS – Podwodna rotunda / Underwater rotunda

The design consists of 40 metal pipes of various lengths, each 15 cm in diameter, arranged in a circle with a diameter of 10 m, forming the shape of a rotunda. The rhythm of the pipes creates a visual reference to the scale on the ruler. A full centimeter is marked by the longest lines, half a centimeter – slightly shorter, and the shortest – every millimeter. The distances between the pipes allow you to enter the center of this circle. The inside of the installation can be used for various activities.

Wizualizacja projektu konkursowego, ĒRIKS BOŽIS, fot. ĒRIKS BOŽIS, dzięki uprzejmości artysty.

The inspiration for creating this project was a lecture by the Director of the Institute of Oceanology, Professor Węsławski, who drew attention to, among others, the phenomenon of the lowering of the Baltic Sea coast with the simultaneous rise of the Baltic Sea level, which may flood the Northern Park within 200 years, and thus the planned rotunda will be under water. It would become a place dedicated to reflection on nature and its enormous power. It would remind us of the need to change our perspective from an anthropocentric to a broader one, taking into account the complexity of the world.

Technique: pipes

Suggested dimensions: rotunda: diameter 10 m; pipe: width 0.15 m, height 3.5, 5 and 6 m