IZA TARASEWICZ – Czy natura pozostaje tym, czym jest? / Does Nature Stay What-it-is?

The proposal is to build a common place – a social sculpture created with the participation of local craftsmen, landscape architects, and the inhabitants of Sopot themselves. The form of the object refers to the symbol of the circle, associated with the rhythms of nature and the biological clock, so often represented in folk cultures.

It is combined with a paradoxical figure, the Möbius strip that defies unambiguous definition, commonly stylized as a recycling symbol. Waves and their rhythmic repetitions are also migration choreographies – drawings of journeys often used in many cultures. The intervention in the park is to serve all residents: for recreation, rest, reflection, and it can also become a place where schools will conduct educational activities.

Fascination with the topography of sea waves and the perception of time which we feel when observing the ebb and flow. The artist is convinced that it is necessary to fight for community, care and mindfulness supported by solid education.


Technique: stones, gravel sand and soil obtained from ecologically sustainable local springs, cover plants commonly treated as weeds

Suggested dimensions: height 0.8 – 0.2 m, width 7 m, length 19.5 m