MARTYNA JASTRZĘBSKA – smutny jednorożec / sad unicorn

In the Sopot North Park, there is a kind of a ‘roundabout’, a natural centre. The circular area with trees evokes the magical association of a ritual circle. The distinctiveness of this section of the park and the figure of the unicorn combine to create a coherent space. The sad unicorn is meant to embody grief and disappointment, the fate of all the last creatures which are irretrievably vanishing.

Model projektu konkursowego, Martyna Jastrzębska, fot. M. Jastrzębska, dzięki uprzejmości artystki.

The unicorn figure has a long tradition of visual representations. Present in many cultures, the unicorn has become a symbol of purity and beauty, and is one of the few mythical creatures that are not associated with violence, danger and fear. Full of sensitivity and empathy, the unicorn has become a queer icon of our time. The conventional agony of a magical being associated with sensitivity and love is also a kind of resistance to treating these qualities as infantile components of weakness. Only they can save us.

Technique: acrylic resin with a mixture of quartz

Suggested dimensions: lenght 3.5 m, height 1.5 m, width 1.6 m